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We pride ourselves on completing projects to a high level of detail, within budget and on time. We have a reputation for producing great workmanship, and providing strong project management to see your project through to completion.

“I would thoroughly recommend Morgan Medley. They are very professional and work to a very high standard. Punctual and polite, Morgan Medley can be relied upon to offer great and timely advice and solutions to issues before they arise.”

Edward & Moira Bland

What makes a stress-free building project?

It’s a combination of:

  • The work itself is professional and completed to a high standard
  • Costings are accurate and there are clear steps for agreeing extras
  • A well organised team working to a project work flow which is accurately mapped out
  • Project management to make sure all aspects of the project are keeping to plan
  • Site Supervision to make sure each day’s work is productive
  • Attention to detail, from checking the work to keeping the site clean and safe
  • Handling the unexpected so that it does not become a crisis

The sum total of in-depth scoping of the project, ongoing management and a confident professional team working together – it’s like a stage show, everyone has their part, their lines but they all have to know when to be on stage and work as a team to make the whole performance a success.

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We undertake all building work but specialise in these areas.

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