On Site


Commencement of work is under the assumption of uninterrupted work for the duration of the contract and in accordance with planning permission where applicable. Morgan Medley will not be held liable for any costs incurred as a result of delays due to unforeseen circumstances. (e.g. planning permission delays resulting in work having to stop).

Working Hours

Normal working hours are 8am – 4:30pm Mon – Fri. If we are required to be on site until 6pm, or on a Saturday, Morgan Medley will get prior agreement.

Working Methods

Morgan Medley will oversee all works to completion and takes full general and operational responsibility in the running of any contract agreed with the client. Morgan Medley may directly employ or sub contract labour to work on site. Each sub-contractor takes full responsibility for their own third-party liability. Plumbing sub-contracts are Gas Safe registered. Electricians are Domestic Part P certified.

Public Liability and Employers’ Liability

Morgan Medley has Public Liability Insurance of £5,000,000 and Employers’ Liability of £10,000,000. All usual general building practices are covered within our insurance policy.

Materials on site

All materials on site remain the property of Morgan Medley. This includes excess materials.

Practical Arrangements

Morgan Medley will endeavour to protect existing surfaces with the use of dustsheets and loose plastic sheeting etc along with care in our working practice. However, responsibility for protection of any existing surface or fabrics etc is the responsibility of the client. We strongly recommend moving any expensive or sentimental items before work commences.

Impact of the Work

Structural work to a property could have an impact so there is an underlying risk that unforeseen things happen, for example minor cracks in plaster or damage to driveways from heavy skips. If this is the case we will evaluate the damage and provide a quote to rectify any problems.

Pricing Consideration


All prices quoted are calculated on the basis of free access for delivery of building materials, plant, machinery and unimpeded working during our normal working hours with access to water and electricity. If there are any specific access considerations (parking, parking permits, space for skip, building access) these will be allowed for in the Estimate.

Ongoing Living Arrangements

The cost of the project is influenced by whether the client is planning to live in the property or vacate the property for all or some of the project.

Extras & Changes

Any additional work found necessary or changes will be agreed with the client before confirming via a Change Order.


Payment is via an initial deposit and then via a payment schedule as follows:

Deposit Based on Project Cost (ex VAT):£1,000 – £10,000: £500£10,000 – £25,000: £1,000£25,000 – £100,000: £1,500£100,000+: £2,000
Payment Schedule 2-3 weekly staged payments based on forward purchase and resource requirements
Closing Payments Pre-Close Invoice is less a retention of 2.5% of original estimate plus agreed Extras

Final Invoice of retained 2.5% becomes payable after a 6-week defect period

Invoices Sent out prior to each payment date and serves as a receipt for payment

All invoices are inclusive of VAT

Payments Is via bank transfer and due by the payment deadline

Work progress may be impeded or ceased (in the case of non-payment) if payment not received by deadline

We are not able to accept cash and do not offer payment discounts

Extras & Changes Payment will be via a Change Order at the point that the extra or change is completed
Late Payments Will be charged at 2% above Bank of England Interest Rate on daily basis
Cancellation Fees Payable on cancellation of overall project or a specific service element:

Up to 1 month after deposit received = 10% of total deposit or specific service

After 1 month to within 2 months of start date = 50% of total deposit or specific service

Within 2 months of forecast start date = 100% of deposit and 10% total project cost or specific service cost


All clients will benefit from a full guarantee on Morgan Medley workmanship for a period of 6 months. This covers all new work and new materials used in construction or repairs but does not guarantee the integrity of any existing structures, materials or decorations. Guarantees on materials run in accordance with manufacturer’s warranty periods where applicable.